Legal Team Expresses Concern Over New Politically-Motivated Charges Against Former Maldives President Mohamed Nasheed by Government of the Maldives

Malé and Washington – Former President Mohamed Nasheed’s legal team condemns the Prosecutor General of the Maldives’ announcement yesterday that new charges have been filed against President Nasheed. These politically-motivated charges are the most recent development in the Government’s targeted persecution of President Nasheed, and are a blatant attempt to silence the political opposition. The… Read more

President Nasheed Calls for Robust Engagement from the International Community to Restore Democracy in the Maldives

Maldives first democratically elected President and the leader of the opposition, Mohamed Nasheed, expresses deep concerns over lack of concerted and meaningful effort by the international community to prevent serious political conflict in the Maldives following a complete reversal to authoritarianism under President Abdulla Yameen. Following the 2013 presidential elections, that was repeatedly delayed, cancelled… Read more

President Mohamed Nasheed to Speak on the Challenges and Opportunities of Small Islands States at the Wilton Park Conference

President Mohamed Nasheed will be speaking at the Wilton Park Conference on the challenges and opportunities faced by microstates and small islands on 7th November. Prominent speakers including Sir Richard Branson will be addressing the conference bringing together experts, innovative thinkers and policy makers from the Caribbean, Indian Ocean and Pacific Islands.The Conference will be… Read more

President Mohamed Nasheed joins Archbishop Desmond Tutu as Honorary Co-Chair of Human Rights NGO Freedom Now

London ¬– November 3, 2016 ¬— Freedom Now is delighted to announce the appointment of President Mohamed Nasheed to its Board of Directors. The former president of the Maldives and prisoner of conscience will join Archbishop Desmond Tutu as Honorary Co-Chair. “We are very pleased that President Nasheed has agreed to serve in this capacity… Read more

President Nasheed’s Legal Counsel Condemns Supreme Court Appeal Verdict

LONDON: The Maldives Supreme Court has upheld a terrorism conviction against former President Nasheed in an appeals ruling announced on Monday. President Nasheed was convicted of ‘terrorism’ in March 2015, following a trial widely condemned by the international community as politically motivated and decried by Amnesty International as a “travesty of justice.” The United Nations… Read more

Senior Advisor to the UN Department of Political Affairs calls on President Nasheed

The Senior Advisor in the Department of Political Affairs of the United Nations, Mr. Tamrat Samuel, called upon President Nasheed in London on Monday. President Nasheed and Mr. Samuel discussed all aspects of the situation in Maldives, including recent judgments passed by the Supreme Court. As discussed during the pre talks with the UN and… Read more

President Mohamed Nasheed has UK Refugee Status

Former Maldives president Mohamed Nasheed has refugee status in the UK, confirmed by the Home Office. President Nasheed has been in Britain on medical leave since January. President Nasheed was convicted on a false accusation of ‘terrorism’ in March 2015, following a trial Amnesty International decried as a “travesty of justice”. In October 2015, the… Read more

Remarks by President Mohamed Nasheed at Commonwealth Journalists’ Association Conference

Tuesday 12 April 2016 London It is a great pleasure to speak this evening to the Commonwealth Journalists’ Association, especially because I am a former Commonwealth journalist myself. And that experience, of being a journalist, I believe has given me the understanding not just of the challenges many journalists face, but also of the crucial… Read more

President Nasheed Calls on Police to Refrain from Covering up President Yameen’s Involvement in Corruption, Money-laundering, Terrorist Financing and Black Magic

The Maldives Police Service (MPS) have announced that there are investigating a judicial arrest warrant, which was reportedly issued against President Abdulla Yameen Yamin Abdul Gayooom on Sunday February 6. The MPS have further alleged that former President Mohamed Nasheed telephoned a senior member of the security services encouraging him to arrest the President. The… Read more

Unofficial Translation of the Guardian Declaration Presented to President Nasheed by the Maldives Correctional Service

January 18 2016 On 17 January at approximately 5:30pm, President Nasheed was given two written declarations by the Maldives Correctional Service. President Nasheed, in the presence of 4 of his lawyers and 3 members of the Maldives Correctional Service, signed the first declaration agreeing to return upon completion of his medical treatment and to keep… Read more

President Nasheed’s Family Refutes Correctional Services’ Statement

President Nasheed’s family has refuted statements by the Maldives Correctional Service claiming his departure to the United Kingdom for medical treatment has been delayed as a result of his family’s denial to sign certain legal documents. President Nasheed’s family would like to clarify that no member of the family has been approached by the MCS,… Read more

President Nasheed Calls for Global Decarbonisation Target; Criticises Maldives’ Lack of Leadership in Paris Negotiations

President Mohamed Nasheed who is currently serving a 13 year sentence following an unfair trial on politically motivated charges welcomes the joint statement by Amnesty International and Greenpeace international and reiterates their calls for commitments to clean and renewable energy to prevent a climate change-induced global human rights crisis. President Nasheed says that, while progress… Read more