Maldivians Will Not Sacrifice Hard-Won Freedoms – President Nasheed

“Maldivians will not sacrifice the hard-won freedoms achieved over many years of struggle against police brutality and dictatorship.” said President Nasheed Speaking at Male’ Usfasgandu, MDP rally ground on Wednesday night immediately after returning from his visit to New Zealand.

President Nasheed spoke on the need to establish a people’s government and that it cannot be established through brute force. “Trained in thuggery, in iron armor, carrying pepper spray and batons on the streets will not stop our resistance..Thuggery will not push us back” He said.

Responding to public remarks made by figures aligned with the regime about his arrest, President Nasheed said ‘you cannot arrest me. Long before that, you will all step back. People of the Maldives always want a government that will work for the development of the country and to better their lives”

He also spoke on the need to have early elections and said elections will be held this calendar year and that the inquiry commission will begin their investigation and those who conspired the coup will be prosecuted.

Wednesday nights rally was the first rally held at Usfasgandu since the Maldives Police Services attempted to dismantle the rally ground on 29 March over ‘illegal activities’ and alleged ‘black magic’ being performed in the area. Later that night, the Civil Court ordered the police to stop its actions, and halt the dismantling of the protest camp.

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  1. Ingireysin / June 2, 2012

    Condum police has failed their preplanned mission of sustaining of millitary govt as huge crowd of unexpected appearance of MDP supporters in the peaceful rally in the capital Male’the very following day of millitary coup. They have now realised that they cannot defeat MDP and they all deserves severe punishment as they had helped to overthrow an elected govt with the help of rebel Waheed and other opposition parties in the country. Hope for a quick inquiry to invstigate the coup and imprisionment of the culprits.

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