Statement from the Office of HE Mohamed Nasheed

Statement from the Office of HE Mohamed Nasheed

Chaalaa Zamaan

Chaalaa Zamaan – Alex Ahamed: Posted September 28, 2019

President Mohamed Nasheed Announces Plans to Return to the Maldives Following Over Two Years in Exile

October 3, 2018, London — President Mohamed Nasheed, the first democratically elected leader of the Maldives, announced today that he plans to return home to the Maldives after living in exile for two and a half years. On April 16, the UN Human Rights Committee (HRC), announced its decision in the case that President Nasheed… Read more

President Mohamed Nasheed Calls on International Community to Consult With All Political Parties in the Maldives Before Accepting Results of September 23 Elections

September 9, 2018, Colombo, Sri Lanka, — President Mohamed Nasheed, the first democratically elected leader of the Maldives, welcomes the statement from the U.S. Department of State calling for a free and fair election that reflects the will of the Maldivian people to be held as scheduled on September 23. Amid widespread reports that the… Read more

President Nasheed Concerned by Highly Irregular Comments by the Minister of Defence on his Personal Facebook Account

“The decision by Defense Minister Adam Shareef Umar to post on social media today regarding “reports of a plot to create disturbances” and perceived threats to national security is highly irregular. It is believed to be a planned precedent to delay presidential elections due to be held on 23 September. There are procedures that need… Read more

President Nasheed’s Concerns over Elections

“A strong and united opposition is important, but this alone will not resolve the problem of elections in the Maldives. The Elections Commission – which is supposed to be a fair and neutral umpire – is hopelessly politicised; and there are no fair, predefined rules that dictate how the election will be held. Instead, the… Read more

Statement from Maldives Former President Mohamed Nasheed on Government Obstruction of Presidential Primary Voting Today

“President Yameen has yet again directed Maldives security forces to obstruct the country’s democratic processes, this time by sending police to confiscate ballot boxes across the nation in the Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) presidential primary vote today, and by forbidding television broadcasters to report on opposition candidates running in the elections, including myself. “I commend… Read more

President Nasheed Proposes a Government of National Unity and Switch to a Parliamentary System

May 11, 2018 Male’: Former president Mohamed Nasheed, who is contesting the Maldivian Democratic Party’s primaries ahead of presidential elections in August, has proposed to form a Government of National Unity and to switch to a Parliamentary form of government. Speaking from Colombo, via a video message at the launch of his presidential primary campaign… Read more

One Year Since Yameen Rasheed’s murder: Call for an Open Trial

Today marks 1 year since 29 year old Maldivian blogger, Yameen Rasheed was brutally murdered in the stairwell of his home in Male’ in the middle of the night. Stabbed 34 times, his throat slit and his skull crushed, Yameen was pronounced dead at 4am shortly after he was taken to hospital. Yameen Rasheed was… Read more

UN Human Rights Committee Demands The Maldives Restore Former President Mohamed Nasheed’s Right to Run for President in Country’s September 2018 Presidential Elections

Washington and Geneva, April 16, 2018 — Today, the UN Human Rights Committee (HRC), announced its decision in the case that former Maldives President Mohamed Nasheed brought against the Government, demanding that his right to able to run for President be restored. To view the full text of the decision, visit, and to view… Read more