Statement by President Nasheed

Following the coup d’état staged on the 7th of February 2012 that overthrew the legitimate and democratically elected government of this country, I had stated that former President Maumoon Abdul Gayyoom was behind the said coup. This statement on my part were due to the fact that upon his most recent departure from the Maldives prior to the instigation of the coup, President Gayyoom stated that it was time to bring an end to the government entrusted upon me in my capacity as President of Maldives, and that the instigation of the enterprise was already overdue.

The reasons for this statement are also due to the fact that Umar Naseer, Vice President, of the Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM), stated on many occasions that he personally staged and directed the coup from “the command centre,” and to the fact that subsequent to my resignation under duress on the 7thof February, Ilham Ahmed, the Honourable Member for the Gemenafushi Constituency and Vice President of the PPM, and Riyaz Rasheed, the Honourable Member for the Vilufushi Constituency, stated in an interview on the day of the coup that all thanks for the accomplishment of “this enterprise,” referring to the staging of the coup and overthrow of the government, were owed to President Gayyoom and his family. These individuals also attested that President Gayyoom’s son, Farish Maumoon, was instrumental, throughout that entire night,to the operation which accomplished “the enterprise,” referring to the staging of the coup and overthrow of the government.

In addition, President Gayyoom’s daughter and family members are part and parcel to the current coup government, having attained high offices within it.

Further reason proceeds from the fact that that PPM Vice President Umar Naseer stated to the media that the coup was staged under his watch. Mr.Naseer also met with my Vice President, Mohamed Waheed Hassan Manik, prior to the coup, along with all parties affiliated with the 23rd December coalition, and implored Dr. Waheed to take over the post of the President of the Republic, on the sole condition that having usurped the presidency, that he would refuse to resign from his post. President Gayyom has never denied that he committed these actions on behalf of the political party to which he belonged, nor has he condemned any of the aforementioned actions.

Nevertheless, in a predicament such as we are, and whilst the people of Maldives are overtly distressed by what has transpired after the coup, I have come to know that President Gayyoom has said that he would sit with me for dialogue in the event I apologise for stating that it was he who instigated this coup.

Given that I have always firmly believed that all powers of the Maldivian government are vested with its people and shall remain as such, and given that not for a single moment would I wish for someone unelected by the people of Maldives to entertain himself as leader to them, I believe now is the time for all parties to come forth in support of the best interest of the nation and its citizens, and as such, if President Gayyom indeed was not party to the coup, I have decided to apologise to President Gayyoom for the fact that I said he was behind this coup.

In this occasion I would like to thank, Sayyid Ahmed Mujuthaba, for all the efforts exerted by him as coordinator of all party talks.


Mohamed Nasheed

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