Greetings on Independence Day

Greetings to all Maldivian citizens ceaselessly striving to embrace, uphold and sustain the national independence of Maldives, understanding amongst her individuals and her human dignity as a united county.

We are proud to see our country among the list of independent nations of the world. Thereafter it is paramount that an independent sovereign country such as ours, should ensure the realities of all natures of freedom are protected, for the country’s generations to come.

The real secret reasoning that a free people shall not be doomed to slavery, is the noble fact that Islam welcomes the human values of forgiveness and benignancy in dealing with others.

Therefore, only one prerequisite is required to become a free nation, that being, like these times, that our nation is blessed with a people who love and long for freedom.

I impress upon my beloved people greetings of Independence Day.

Mohamed Nasheed

  1. MAjid / July 26, 2012

    We shall prevail,Insha Allah.

  2. Hamid Abdul Ghafoor / July 26, 2012

    President Nasheed truly outperformed public expectations till his Vice President stabbed him with #mvcoup. Congratulations Raees Nasheed for holding your head high and for your incredible patience on this dark “independence Day”.

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