President Nasheed Condemns Military Coup in Egypt

President Mohamed Nasheed has condemned the military coup and ousting of Egypt’s first democratically-elected president, Mohamed Morsi.

He also called on the international community not to recognise the legitimacy of the dispensation now ruling Egypt.

Speaking on Thursday morning, President Nasheed said:

“There is only one legitimate way to remove a democratically-elected leader and that is through the ballot box, not through the mob or the military.

“If leaders are unpopular, the people have an opportunity to remove them peacefully through elections.”

President Nasheed highlighted parallels between Egypt’s coup and the coup in the Maldives last year:

“The world should not kid itself into believing that this coup hasn’t derailed Egypt’s fledgling democracy.

“Having experienced a coup myself, I understand how important it is for fresh presidential elections to be held quickly and for democracy to be restored.”

President Nasheed called on the authorities now ruling Egypt to uphold civil liberties and hold early presidential elections as soon as possible.

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