Mohamed Nasheed selects Dr. Mustafa Lutfi as his Running Mate

Former Minister of Education and first Chancellor of the Maldives National University, Dr Mustafa Lutfi, has been unveiled as President Mohamed Nasheed’s running mate for the upcoming presidential election.

Dr Luthfi’s appointment as the Maldivian Democratic Party’s vice presidential candidate was revealed following a national executive committee meeting on Tuesday.

Speaking to the press outside the MDP office after the meeting, President Nasheed’s running mate declared that he would call an early election in the event that the president is unable to remain in his post.

Dr Luthfi assured MDP members that he would not betray President Nasheed’s trust and expressed gratitude to the president and the party’s senior leadership for his selection.

Dr Musthafa Luthfi earned a PhD in the field of education and served as education minister in President Nasheed’s cabinet from 2009 to late 2010. As education minister, Dr Luthfi oversaw a comprehensive revision of the national curriculum, which was last revised in 1984, and enacted policy changes that has seen the O’ Levels pass rate increase from 27 percent in 2009 to 46 percent in 2012.

Dr Luthfi was appointed the first Chancellor of the newly instituted Maldives National University in February 2011. He resigned from the post in protest shortly after the police and military-backed coup d’etat that forced President Nasheed from office on February 7, 2012.

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