President Nasheed Congratulates the New President of India

President Mohamed Nasheed, in a letter, congratulated the new President of the Republic of India, Pranab Mukherjee on his recent assumption of office.

In the letter President Nasheed stated:


‘The Maldives has always enjoyed an excellent relationship with India. We are, however, very pleased that this relationship was further deepened and diversified during the past three or so years during my time as President following the Maldives’ transition to a democracy. We therefore recognise the crucial role that India played in the democratic reforms in the Maldives.

Your Excellency assumes office at a time when democratisation and political stability in the Maldives are deeply threatened following the coup against my government executed by elements of the security forces. We acknowledge with gratitude the invaluable assistance that the Indian Government has already extended towards the current democratic process.

Both the India and Maldives peoples share the belief that free and fair elections are the bedrock of democracy. Therefore, as was envisioned in the agreement brokered by the Indian Foreign Secretary, we believe that a political agreement in an early presidential election is the best way forward’


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