Rival political parties are unable to compete with the MDP because of the party’s exceptional speed – President Nasheed

Rival political parties are unable to compete with the MDP because of the party’s exceptional speed, Maldivian Democratic Party presidential candidate President Mohamed Nasheed has said, cautioning that the country could not afford to step back, slow down to half-steps or remain motionless.

Speaking at a ceremony on Tuesday night to open a jagaha (meeting hall) in Male’ designated for Alif Alif, Alif Dhaal and Vaavu atolls, President Nasheed said that the right to form political parties and participate in political activities as well as the freedoms of expression and assembly were secured by the long struggle and hard work of MDP, adding that the Maldivian people were out on the streets today to complete the task of consolidating democracy by making sure MDP wins the presidential election in one round.

Despite boasting the most number of tourist resorts in the country, the three atolls of Alif Alif, Alif Dhaal and Vaavu were the poorest in the Maldives, President Nasheed said.

President Nasheed observed that there were no other communities in the world where poverty levels were so high despite proximity to such a lucrative industry. The MDP’s goal was to change this state of affairs, improve the condition of the people and bring development and prosperity to the nation, he said.

The Maldives was rich in natural resources, President Nasheed noted, pledging to raise living standards and provide sources of income through the MDP’s policies on labour, guesthouses and mariculture.

Declaring that the MDP was contesting the presidential election to win and could not afford to become even slightly careless, President Nasheed expressed confidence that party members, well wishers and supporters would continue to work tirelessly for the campaign.

Responding to recent remarks made by the Police Commissioner concerning a document leaked on social media falsely claiming to be MDP’s policy on police and national security, President Nasheed said that criticising policies and challenging political parties was not the role of the police chief.

The Police Commissioner was mistaken if he believed that he could influence the course of events with the might of the baton, President Nasheed said.

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