President Nasheed Calls on the Prime Minister of India

Maldivian Democratic Party presidential candidate President Mohamed Nasheed called on Indian Prime Minister His Excellency Dr Manmohan Singh today. The meeting took place at the prime minister’s official residence.

At the meeting, President Nasheed discussed with the prime minister the Maldivian political situation, the state of the economy and bilateral relations with India. President Nasheed assured the prime minister that India-Maldives relations would be strengthened and maintained in the future. President Nasheed noted that a number of infrastructure development projects were stalled due to difficulties in importing aggregate and river sand from India. In addition, he also noted the difficulties faced by Maldivians seeking visas to travel to India for medical treatment. President Nasheed said that the Maldivian economy was suffering adverse effects as a result of such restrictions.

The prime minister meanwhile said that India’s goal has always been the development of the Maldives. He added that India would always respect the Maldives’ independence and sovereignty. The pair also discussed the importance of conducting free and fair elections. The prime minister pledged India’s assistance to ensure that the presidential election would be free and fair. The prime minister also offered assurances of resolving the issues over medical visas and construction material.

In addition, the prime minister praised the SAARC summit held in Addu City in 2011 as well as the Equatorial Convention Centre (ECC) built for the purpose.

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