The Office of President Nasheed Congratulates the Decision of the Parliament to Pass a No-Confidence Motion Against the President of the Civil Service Commission Over Sexual Harassment Claims

The Office of President Mohamed Nasheed congratulates the decision of the Parliament to pass a no confidence motion against the President of the Civil Service Commission over sexual harassment claim made by a female employee of the Commission.

“President Nasheed recognises that the President of the Civil Service Commission Mr. Mohamed Fahmy Hassan was dedicated and did help improve the Civil Service and is grateful for such service. However, President Nasheed is of the opinion that when a Committee of the Parliament finds that there is credible evidence to show that such an incident took place, then as the President of the biggest Employer of the Country, the Civil Service, he would have to go”, said Mariya Didi(MP), Spokesperson for President Nasheed. “President Nasheed finds it regrettable that Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM) chose to attack the complainant and defend Mohamed Fahmy, despite the Committee finding him to have acted in a manner unbecoming of a person in his position. President Nasheed believes such attitude of the Qayyoomists may have deterred many women from making such complaints during the Qayyoom era” she further added.

The Office of President Nasheed sees this decision as a landmark decision that makes the work place a safer place for women and believes this should send a strong message to people in such positions and others to behave in a morally acceptable manner.

The Office of President Nasheed takes this opportunity to sincerely thank the courageous woman who came out and stood up against such discrimination and harassment. Furthermore, the Office of President Nasheed thanks the Members of the Parliament who stood up against sexual harassment at the workplace for women.


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