“State Sponsored Violence is a Threat to National Development and Individual Liberties” – President Nasheed

Speaking at Insaafuge Maidhaan, President Nasheed said state sponsored violence is a threat to national development and individual liberties.

Referring to the increase in police violence since the overthrow of the government, President Nasheed said the coup-sponsored Government’s focus would be to only serve a few people and not the general populace.

He said, “we must not tolerate police brutality as it would affect our future generations…police are here to serve the people and not create fear in the society.”

Nasheed said each and everyone must stand against police brutality and the state must not resort to use of police to instill fear in people to achieve their political goals.

He said “we know coup leaders would use police force to silence the people. They realize people cannot be silenced unless they resort to state sponsored violence. They would want the police to be brutal”

15 March is the international day against police brutality. The Maldivian Democratic Party has announced a mass parade to voice against police brutality.

  1. Afrasym saeed / May 16, 2012

    he is the Elected President in the Maldives
    even no one here still beat him I have 100% confidence one time now he will win the Election

  2. Hussain Moosa / May 19, 2012

    President Nasheed is the only elected president in the history of Maldives.800 years of long history being a muslim country,unable to establish democracy due in need of continuation a type of kingdom ship and later Maumoonism for the last 30 yeas spoiled the people and the nation. People towards democracy and democracy towards people would be a natural tendency that cannot stop.People towards Anni and Anni towards for the benefit of the people and the nation is an endless as long as people need free from poverty.Anni is the only president who did lot of things good for the Maldivian and on the other hand previous presidents did few good things for their friends and relatives not for all the Maldivian.30 years of bitterness and hunger prevented with the light of a simple man (Anni)who made his dreams true by leaving off a very simple and creative Idea to the people of this country will never let him go away from the people.without M.D.P. there is no piece and stability in the Maldives.

  3. mohamed / May 20, 2012

    True, there will always be fans. Maldivian dictator maumoon had a fan-club who are as good as him. Like those days leading to the democracy movement, we are now seeing the defence forces behind thugs to plan confronting mdp supporters to crack the non violence protects and reason out the a plan to catich the mdp leading figures before the election. If the present government could succeed in such a crackdown, then they would surely go for an early election, thus showing the international community that it is the democratic process succeeding in this country. The people and the international community should be ware of this undemocratic process going in the Maldives.
    I fear for the safety of President Nasheed and the leading party officials. Mdp supporters, be ware of this.

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