The Office of President Nasheed Regrets Dr.Waheed’s Statements Regarding Canada

The Office of President Mohamed Nasheed expresses its regret over the recent statement made by Dr. Mohamed Waheed regarding Canada. Dr Waheed’s comments have caused “unnecessary pressure” on the Maldives’ bilateral relationship with Canada.

The Maldives has always enjoyed an excellent relationship with the development partners and Office of President Nasheed calls on the current administration to refrain from acts that damage the longstanding friendship with the Government and people of Canada.

President Nasheed’s spokesperson Mariya Didi MP said: “Dr.Waheed does not have the democratic mandate to represent the Maldives. He assumed power illegally and through force, and polled a meagre 5% of the vote in September’s presidential elections.”

The Office of President Nasheed thanks the Government of Canada for their continued efforts to help restore democracy in the Maldives and look forward to resuming close and friendly relations with Canada, following the establishment of a democratically elected Government in the Maldives on 11 November 2013.

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