President Nasheed Expresses Concerns on Politicizing of Dr. Afrasheem’s Murder

Office of President Mohamed Nasheed expresses grave concerns over politicizing of the tragic murder of Member of Parliament Dr. Afrasheem Ali and believes this may leave the real murderers free to re-commit such crimes.

The Office is deeply concerned over the fact that just six days before the bi-elections are to take place for the seat vacated following Dr. Afrasheems murder, the Government and Maldives Police Services claim they have found Dr. Afraasheems murderer. “Media reports claim police have obtained confessions to Dr. Afrasheems murder. President Nasheed is concerned that given the history of our police and the manner in which they obtain confessions, we need further corroborative evidence. The President is of the opinion that investigation needs to have credibility and public confidence and particularly for elected officials to feel safe,” said Mariya Didi (MP), spokesperson for President Nasheed.

Aditionally, The Office of President Nasheed expresses concerns that closing Dr. Afrasheems murder case file without investigating the murder case in a professional manner to further political objectives may leave the real murderers lose to kill again.


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