President Nasheed Condemns Latest Incident of Police Brutality

Commenting on the recent video of police brutality, President Nasheed said:

“I am shocked and appalled by the leaked video, which appears to show a policeman hitting a motorcyclist in the head with a baton, which led to the death of an innocent bystander.

“Since February’s coup, incidences of police violence have skyrocketed.

“Police act with apparent impunity, beating up Members of Parliament and harassing opposition activists, as well as attacking members of the public. Amnesty International says this behavour amounts to a ‘human rights crisis’.

“Regardless of the numerous videos and photos of police brutality, not one police officer has been brought to justice. Rather, many of the policemen involved in human rights abuses have been rewarded with promotions.

“This video is the latest of many. We must immediately hold the Police Commissioner accountable. We must hold elections urgently to make sure we return to democratic processes.

“Under Waheed’s administration, we are seeing a return to the thuggish brutality of Maldives’ authoritarian past”.  

“I implore the international community to pressure the Waheed government to immediately and impartially investigate this case, to bring human rights abusers in the security forces to book, to cease its harassment of opposition members, and hold early elections so democracy can be restored.” 

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