President Nasheed Expresses Concerns Over Supreme Court Case on Hulhumale’ Court

President Nasheed has expressed deep concern that Mr Justice Adam Mohamed did not remove himself from sitting on the recent Supreme Court case to decide the legality of Hulhumale’ Court. Mr Justice Adam Mohamed is the President of the Judicial Services Commission and was the appellant in the Supreme Court case.

The Supreme Court ruled Wednesday, 4 to 3, that the Hulhumale’ Court is legitimate. Former President Nasheed is being charged in the Hulhumale’ Court for alleged abuse of power in a case he has described as politically motivated and aimed at baring him from contesting upcoming presidential elections. His legal team argued that the Hulhumale’ Court is illegitimate.

“The fact that a basic principle of natural justice was ignored, and an appellant in a case was also the judge, proves how flawed the Maldivian Justice system has become,” said President Nasheed.


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