President Nasheed Calls On To Rise Up Against The Rogue Government

Speaking at the rally held in Ha. Ihavandhoo on Sunday evening, Prseident Nasheed called on the members of the Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) and its supporters to come out on the streets to change this government. He said the people of the Maldives have remained patient for months and that its time for an uprising against the rogue Government.

President Nasheed said after having travelled extensively in the Maldives, people “do not believe we can have free and fair elections in the Maldives. People do not believe they will let the MDP Presidential candidate to contest” said President Nasheed. He said while he had been speaking to the people and talking about development, the Government is arresting and prosecuting his supporters. He said over 800 of his supporters are facing unfair trials. Speaking at the rally he criticized the Prosecutor General and the Judiciary for the lack of progress on key issues ofdemocratic reform. He said “there is no court left for us to go to..and there isn’t anything left to do” adding “there is nothing left to discuss.”

President Nasheed also said that members of the MDP are courageous and will not hesitate to take a bullet in the fight to hold free and fair elections. He said “when we come out on the streets, they can shoot us, if the military is courageous enough”
“I do not see an election being held or if held, whether it will be free and fair. Please keep an eye on our people. Our military will not protect us. We are coming out to face the rogue government” he said to the leaders of Sri Lanka and India.
The MDP and President Nasheed has travelled to 44 islands in the northern province of the Maldives during the ‘journey of pledges.’

  1. ELWIRA / December 14, 2012


  2. hamad / December 15, 2012

    As a member of PPM(one of the coalition party of the President Waheed,Current President of Maldives Government) i would say , its true what the former President Mohamed Nasheed is saying.President Waheed may have good skills in managing UN based devolopmenet Projects, but he doesnt know how to run a country.
    President Waheed havnt held an early election unlike other world countries.
    President Waheed is under pressure from coalition parties.
    President Waheed send GMR from the Maldives due to coalition parties.
    President Waheed could not control the BUDGET of this country and IMF has been warning .
    President Waheed is not stopping to appoint political positions with regard to IMF.
    President Waheed could not bring internal stability( Foreign and locals are being killed in gang violence)
    For the first time in Maldives , a Parliament member has died of PPM , and the investigation is clueless!
    President Waheed is misusing governments money.
    What else do u need to overthrow a governement??ARnt these the factors for an uprising against President Waheed ??

    **The above piece of comment is totally based on Facts.You can attest my facts by living in this country for one month**

  3. Shamoon Rasheed / December 15, 2012

    We are with u hep Mohamed Nasheed…we will fight for our rights….we will fight for our country…we will fight for our freedom….

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