UK Police to Investigate Death Threats Against President Nasheed

On 3rd October 2014 President Mohamed Nasheed lodged a complaint with the Counter Terrorism Command of the Metropolitan Police Service (United Kingdom) in relation to a death threat he received whilst in the United Kingdom attending the Conservative Party Conference. This threat is one of a line of threats from Islamist extremists. The latest threat follows on from an attack upon the headquarters of the Maldivian Democratic Party and an attack upon President Nasheed’s home in the Maldives. The Maldivian police to date have not made any moves to investigate these crimes. President Nasheed has reiterated his concerns of growing fundamentalism and intolerance in the Maldives and more recently an attempt by Islamists to use criminal gangs to pursue crimes of this nature. Currently Maldivian Police appear unable to act to protect the lives of Maldivians. This issue of terrorism cannot continue to be ignored.

The Metropolitan Police are currently investigating the phone number from which the death threat was made.

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