President Nasheed Concerned Over Deterioration in Maldives-India Relations

President Mohamed Nasheed has expressed his growing concern over the deterioration in diplomatic relations between the Maldives and India since Dr.Mohamed Waheed assumed power in a coup last February.

President Nasheed said that the Waheed regime had acted in a “deplorable manner” towards the Indian government, and treated the Indian people with “contempt and disrespect”.

“Maldivians and Indians watched on in horror, as Waheed systematically destroyed the close relationship between our nations. It is imperative that friendly relations between Male’ and New Delhi are restored,” President Nasheed said.

President Nasheed added that the current, illegitimate, government in Male’ was incapable of improving relations with India:

“Time and again, we have seen their petty, juvenile and counter-productive diplomacy strain relations with important and trusted friends. This has had a direct and detrimental impact on the Maldivian people.”

“The restoration of good relations with India will only be possible with a legitimate government in Male’. The Maldivian parliament needs to find a mechanism to create an interim, caretaker administration, which can lead the country towards a genuinely free and fair presidential election in which all candidates are able to freely compete,” President Nasheed added.


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