The Prosecutor General and Two Judges Presiding Over the Case Have Given Witness Statements

The Prosecutor General of Maldives Muhthaz Muhsin, and Judge Abdulla Didi and Judge Abdul Bari Yusuf of the three member panel of the Criminal Court assigned to the state’s terrorism case against President Mohamed Nasheed, are found to have given witness statements in President Nasheed’s court case.

The court documents submitted by the state reveal that the above mentioned parties have been quoted as being the state’s witnesses to the case.

It is to be noted that internationally accepted legal principles and Islamic Sharia and law does not allow the prosecution, witnesses and judges to be the same party, because of the obvious conflict of interest.

Therefore the office of President Nasheed calls for the politically motivated charges against him to be dropped immediately and for the Prosecutor General and the judicial courts to work within Constitutional and legal boundaries, to ensure justice is served.

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