Arbitrary Changes to President Nasheed’s Prison Arrangements Cause Concern

The Maldives regime of Abdulla Yameen has arbitrarily changed President Nasheed’s prison arrangements, raising concerns over the former president’s welfare and safety.

On Tuesday, 21 April, President Nasheed was suddenly moved from Dhoonidhoo detention centre to Asseyri Jail in Himmafushi island.

President Nasheed is being roomed with three other individuals.

  • Former Minister of Defence Mohamed Nazim
  • Former Minister of Defence Tholhath Ibrahim
  • Former MP Ahmed Nazim

Tholhath Ibrahim provided testimony – in a separate trial – at the criminal court, implicating President Nasheed in the unlawful and politically motivated terrorism charges levied against him.

Furthermore, under these new arrangements, President Nasheed’s family visits have suddenly been restricted.

New Concerns Over Possible Harm Against President Nasheed 

The Office of President Nasheed remains extremely concerned for President Nasheed’s safety, after receiving information from a credible source that Tourism Minister Ahmed Adeeb has removed supplies of Morphine from Indira Gandhi Memorial Hospital (IGMH) in Male’.

This alleged removal of Morphine — by a minister widely known for his association with local and international gangsters — follows concerns in February that Adeeb was planning an assassination attempt against President Nasheed while he was held in police custody.

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