Condemn the Government’s delay and denial of appropriate medical attention for President Nasheed.

The Office of President Nasheed condemns the Government’s delay and denial of appropriate medical attention for President Nasheed.

President Nasheed was brought to Senahiyaa, the military health clinic in Male’ on Thursday at around 12 pm. He was brought for medical examination several days after doctors in Maafushi Health Center Center recommended for him to be examined by medical specialists. The Office of Prseident Nasheed notes with concern that Senahiya is not a tertiary hospital and the authorities have not given any reason why he is being treated at a health clinic and not a well equipped hospital in the Maldives.

On 7 May, the Doctor at the Maafushi Health Centre recommended that President Nasheed should have a MRI and consult a dentist. Based on this recommendation, for the last two weeks, President Nasheed, his family and lawyers have requested the authorities to facilitate access to appropriate medical care to no avail.

On 15 May, President Nasheed’s lawyer contacted Maafushi Jail to question the delay into his consultation with a specialist. An official in Maafushi Jail stated that the delay was due to an unavailability of appointments with specialists in Male’.

On 17 May during a family visit, President Nasheed informed his wife, Madam Laila Ali that the authorities had still not made arrangements for him to see a specialist.

On 18 May, President Nasheed’s family wrote to the Maldives Correctional Services informing them of the Maafushi Health Centre’s recommendation, and that President Nasheed had raised this issue during a family visit. The letter also stated that appointments with specialists in Male’ had been booked for 19 May at 3:30pm and 6:30pm for the dentist and a MRI scan. President Nasheed’s family requested the authorities to transport him to Male’ for these appointments, and also offered to arrange transportation if the Department of Corrections were unable to do so.

On 19 May, President Nasheed was not brought to Male’ for his scheduled appointments and the Maldives Correctional Services informed the press that no appointments had been made for President Nasheed and that individuals under their custody would only be brought to Male’ following a recommendation from the Maafushi Health Centre. The Correctional Services also wrote responded to President Nasheed’s family stating that arrangements were being made in line with the regulations outlined in the Jails and Parole Act.

The office of President Nasheed reminds the Government of their duty of care responsibilities and calls upon the Maldives Correctional Services to stop denying President Nasheed the medical attention recommended by the Maafushi Health Centre.

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