President Nasheed Denied Medical Attention and Access to Lawyers

President Nasheed’s lawyers again denied access by the Government.

The Government on Wednesday suddenly denied the weekly visit requested by President Nasheed’s legal team.

Minister of Home Affairs had previously informed the lawyers President Nasheed will have access to the legal team once a week. As per this, a request was filed on Sunday and authorities did not respond until today.

The Government suddenly cancelled this visit today without any rationale, via a phone call to the lawyers. Since President Nasheed’s transfer to Maafushi, his access to lawyers have been restricted by the Government. This is despite his ongoing petition at the UN’s Working Group on Arbitrary Detention.

Government denies President Nasheed access to specialist medical attention despite recommendation from Doctors.

On 7 May, President Nasheed was recommended by the Maafushi Health Centre to seek specialist consultation to get a MRI scan. After a 2 week delay, President Nasheed was brought to a military clinic in Male’, where he was again recommended to do a MRI. Despite these recommendations from medical practitioners, it has now been over a month while the Government continues to deny President Nasheed appropriate medical care.

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