Government Issues Further Restrictions to President Nasheed’s Visitation Rights

The Office of President Nasheed condemns the Yameen Government’s further arbitrary restrictions on President Nasheed’s visitation rights.

When President Nasheed’s parents requested to visit him this week, Maafushi prison informed them that they were no longer permitted to visit him in jail. This arbitrary change comes a week after visitation was restricted to only his parents, spouse and children. This office notes that this regulation is contrary to the visitation procedure that has been applied to President Nasheed since he was jailed on 22 February. It also contrary to the procedure applied to all other prisoners as per the Maldives Corrections Service.

President’s Nasheed’s legal team continue to be obstructed from visiting him more than once a week despite the urgency of the matter.

The Office also highlights the continued denial in allowing President Nasheed a MRI scan recommended to him over a month ago. The office of President Nasheed reminds the Yameen Government of their duty of care obligations and calls upon them to stop their politically motivated discrimination against President Nasheed.

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