President Nasheed’s International Legal Team to Visit Maldives

President Nasheed’s international legal team will travel to the Maldives in September, after authorities confirmed in writing the lawyers’ business visas have been granted.

President Nasheed’s international legal team comprises of Ben Emmerson (QC) QC, Amal Clooney and Jared Genser.

The three lawyers – who represent President Nasheed pro bono – took up the case following the sentencing of him in March to 13 years’ imprisonment, following a rushed trial Amnesty International slammed as “a travesty of justice”.

On Monday, the Maldives Attorney-General’s Office informed the Office of former President Nasheed that it had requested the Controller of Immigration to issue the three lawyers’ business visas.

On July 20, Maldivian authorities refused to issue a business visa for Genser, in an apparent attempt to circumscribe President Nasheed’s access to legal counsel.

At the time, the Department of Immigration and Emigration claimed Genser needed a letter from the Maldives Supreme Court in order to process the visa.

On August 5, however, the Department of Immigration and Emigration informed President Nasheed’s office that a letter from the Supreme Court is no longer required in order to issue business visas, and a letter from the Attorney General’s Office would suffice.


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