President Nasheed’s Transfer to Jail Contradicts Recommendation by Doctors

President Mohamed Nasheed, was transferred home from Maafushi jail for a period of 8 weeks on 24 June following a MRI scan and medical recommendation for him to be placed in a stress free environment. President Nasheed’s unlawful 13 jail sentence was commuted to house arrest by the Government on 19 July. Despite this commutation and further recommendations by medical personnel for President Nasheed to remain in a stress free environment, the illegal transfer of President Nasheed back to Maafushi jail and the consequences for his health are a serious concern.

On Monday, 25 August, the Government admitted that President Nasheed was transferred back to jail despite of medical recommendation to the contrary. On 19 August, following a checkup at the ADH hospital President Nasheed was recommended to undergo daily physiotherapy for two weeks, swim for an hour per day and to refrain from any activities which would put stress on his spine. He was also recommended to do another MRI scan. The doctor also stated that a decision on whether President Nasheed required physiotherapy or surgery as for his spinal injury would depend on this second MRI. The medical advice was for a stress free environment to be facilitated for President Nasheed’s long term recovery.

President Nasheed will not receive the recommended treatment with his transfer back to jail. It is noted that Maafushi jail does not have the facilities to provide this treatment. President Nasheed’s chronic spine injury is a result of the torture he underwent in prison during his previous unlawful arrests. It is an injury, which requires long-term treatment, and every day that he does not receive appropriate medical attention is further demonstration of the Government’s deliberate abuse of President Nasheed. The Office of President Mohamed Nasheed fears for his health as Government denied President Nasheed access to specialist medical attention despite recommendation from doctors previously.

This office calls upon the Government to immediately transfer President Nasheed back to house arrest in line with the Government issued document on 19 July confirming commutation and medical recommendation.

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