Senior Advisor to the UN Department of Political Affairs calls on President Nasheed

The Senior Advisor in the Department of Political Affairs of the United Nations, Mr. Tamrat Samuel, called upon President Nasheed in London on Monday.

President Nasheed and Mr. Samuel discussed all aspects of the situation in Maldives, including recent judgments passed by the Supreme Court.

As discussed during the pre talks with the UN and the Government earlier this year, the Supreme Court’s judgements against Col. Nazim and President Nasheed are in line with the Government’s proposal to request an expedition of outstanding judicial processes.

The resulting conclusion of these processes now allows for the Government to make measures on the Supreme Court’s decisions and initiate clemency procedures as discussed. Moving forward with political dialogue remains with President Yameen releasing prisoners and paving the way for talks between the Maldives United Opposition and the Government to establish a dialogue for inclusive free and fair elections.

This dialogue must address the release of political prisoners including Sheikh Imran, and produce tangible and actionable resolutions on judicial reform, and human rights in the Maldives.


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