Alarm Over Actions of Chief of Defence Forces Major General Shiyam

24 July 2017, MALE: Former Maldives President Mohamed Nasheed has expressed alarm over the actions of the Chief of Defence Forces, Major General Shiyam, whose soldiers, dressed in full riot gear with batons, barricaded and then stormed the parliament today, detaining a number of MPs, some of whom were injured.

Noting that the Defence Chief acted without a court warrant, President Nasheed said he was very concerned that the army chief had illegally overrun an institution of state, and questioned whether the General was planning to take over other state institutions.

President Nasheed said he was extremely worried about an imminent coup in the Maldives.

On Monday morning the gates of the parliament were padlocked by members of the armed forces and MPs were forcibly prevented from entering the parliamentary compound.

Some Members of Parliament managed to gain access to the parliament, where a vote to impeach the speaker of parliament was due to take place. Later Monday afternoon, the military stormed the parliament building and forcibly removed the MPs.

Some MPs were photographed injured, lying on the street outside the parliament compound.


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