President Nasheed Proposes a Government of National Unity and Switch to a Parliamentary System

May 11, 2018 Male’: Former president Mohamed Nasheed, who is contesting the Maldivian Democratic Party’s primaries ahead of presidential elections in August, has proposed to form a Government of National Unity and to switch to a Parliamentary form of government.

Speaking from Colombo, via a video message at the launch of his presidential primary campaign in Addu City, President Nasheed proposed that within one and half years of the joint opposition presidential candidate being sworn in as the president, a Government of National Unity would reform the Maldives courts and the criminal justice system, which currently suffer from political interference and rampant corruption, and which enjoy very little public confidence. He also proposed to carry out truth and reconciliation process to address gross human rights violations of the past.

Reforms would also be made to the Maldives Police Service and the Maldives National Defence Force, to ensure their independence and keep them free from political meddling, and enable them to command public support and respect.

Reform would brought to ensure the integrity of the nation’s independent institutions, which at the moment are highly politicised.

President Nasheed also said he proposes lengthening the term of the 18th Majlis by one year and during this time suggested reforms and a vote on change to parliamentary system to be introduced.


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