President Nasheed’s Office Condemns Statement by the Home Minister

The Office of President Nasheed strongly condemns attempts by the sitting Minister of Home Affairs, Dr. Mohamed Jameel, to exert undue influence on the courts over the trial against President Mohamed Nasheed.

Dr. Jameel was quoted in the local press on Tuesday calling on the judiciary to sentence President Nasheed prior to the Presidential Elections. According to the local media he said: “every single day that passes without President Nasheed being sentenced will raise several questions over the justice system of the Maldives in the minds of the people.” He stated that it was imperative in the national interest to sentence President Nasheed. According to Dr. Jameel, sentencing President Nasheed would increase public confidence in the judiciary and the justice system of the Maldives.

It is of deep concern that such remarks come from the Government while no action has been taken – as per the recommendations of international organizations including the UN Human Rights Committee, International Commission of Jurists, and the Commonwealth Ministerial Action Group – to address serious issues in the judiciary.

President Nasheed’s spokesperson, Mariya Didi MP, said: “Just days after Commonwealth envoy Sir Don McKinnon left the Maldives, Dr. Jameel calls on the judiciary to sentence the MDP’s presidential candidate. MDP members believe Sir Don’s silence on the issue of Nasheed’s prosecution emboldened the Home Minister to make his comments”

“Jameel’s call on the courts to sentence President Nasheed prior to the Presidential elections adds to the impression that the charges are politically motivated. We urge the Home Minister to refrain from intimidating and exerting undue influence on the judiciary,” Mariya added.

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