High Court Legitimises Injustice

The Maldives High Court today ruled that the Hulhumale’ Magistrate Court is a legitimate court. In an unanimous decision, the High Court bench ruled against the appeal filed by President Nasheed and upheld the precedent set by the Supreme Court in December 2012. President Nasheed stated, ‘today’s judgement by the Maldives High Court clearly means I will not be allowed a fair trial.’ President Nasheed’s legal team have stated that they will be filing an appeal at the Supreme Court.

Immediately following today’s ruling, President Nasheed was served summons to attend the Hulhumale’ Magistrate court on 10 February.

President Nasheed’s spokesperson Mariya Didi said, ‘In a move which looked very much as if the Courts are following the instructions of the Government, the High Court ruled the Hulhumale’ Court as legal after holding only two successive hearings to conclude the case. It now seems as if the Hulhumale’ Court had prepared summons before the High Court judgement was even delivered. Today was a travesty of justice and demonstrates how much President Nasheed’s case is a politically motivated trial.’

Mariya Didi also noted the international concern regarding the state of the Maldivian judiciary and the fairness of President Nasheed’s trial, drawing reference to the concluding remarks of the United National Human Rights Committee report issued in July 2012. ‘The Committee is deeply concerned about the state of the judiciary in the Maldives. ‘The state has admitted that this body’s independence is seriously compromised.’


Please see the following statements for more information on the appeal filed by President Nasheed


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