President Nasheed Discusses the Need for an Impartial Investigation with the EU

President Nasheed and the Ambassador of the EU to the Maldives discussed the importance of an impartial investigation on transfer of power on 7 February. Furthermore, the two also discussed the urgent need to hold early Presidential elections in the Maldives.

In this regard, the discussions were focused on the importance of a legitimate government to ensure proper functioning of all state institutions. President Nasheed briefed the Ambassador on recent developments, particularly the deteriorating democratic values in the Maldives since transfer of power in February.

Emphasising the importance of addressing increased police violence in the Maldives, President Nasheed said, “I am deeply concerned about the manner female detainees are treated and urge you to look into this.”

Ambassador and President Nasheed discussed the urgent need for the parties to agree on an early Presidential election.

President Nasheed thanked the EU for their continued support to the people of the Maldives, particularly in recently times to help resolve the crisis. Ambassador reassured EU would continue to support the Maldives achieve a political agreement to ensure Maldivians have a government that is elected by the will of the people.

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