I Fear Maldives Becoming a Failed State Without an Early Election – President Nasheed

In a meeting with the German Ambassador to the Maldives, President Nasheed said he feared the Maldives’ political crisis will continue to escalate without an early election during this calendar year and this could retract all the democratic achievements of past, making it another failed state in the region.

He said people of the Maldives have expressed their desire to elect a Government to legtimise the democratic process and urged the international community to be more engaged with the Maldives to help bring back the Maldivian democracy.

Discussion was focused on the need for political dialogue to agree on an early election date. President Nasheed reassured his support to negotiate and MDP’s commitment to the stalled political dialogue.

President Nasheed also emphasized the importance of peaceful political activity to ensure people are engaged in the democratization process.

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