President Nasheed’s Legal Team to File Appeal at High Court Regarding HMC’s Refusal to Grant Trial Delay till After Presidential Elections

President Nasheed’s legal team will file an appeal at the High Court today, regarding the Hulhumale’ Magistrate Court’s decision to refuse President Nasheed’s request to delay his trial until after the Presidential elections in September.

On Wednesday, 6 March, President Nasheed appeared at Hulhumale Magistrate Court under Police custody. President Nasheed’s legal team requested that his trial be delayed till after the Presidential elections, to which the Prosecution posed no objection.  Despite this, the Hulhumale Magistrate Court decided that the trial should proceed, albeit ruling a delay of four weeks. President Nasheed filed the same request at the Supreme Court, which was also refused.

President Nasheed’s spokesperson Mariya Didi stated, ‘an appeal was submitted to the Supreme Court asking them to delay President Nasheed’s trial till after the elections. The Supreme Court refused to hear the case, I believe on the grounds that it was not a constitutional issue and hence has to go through the normal appeal procedure. We are now appealing the Hulhumale’ Magistrate Court’s decision at the High Court on the grounds that once the Prosecutor has no objection to the delay of the trial till after the election, there is no reason why the Court should grant four weeks but refuse to grant President Nasheed’s request to delay his trial till after the elections.’

Members of the international community have repeatedly questioned the credibility of the upcoming Presidential elections should President Nasheed, the chosen candidate of the Maldivian Democratic Party be prevented from contesting.

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