President Nasheed Launches Guesthouse Policy

Maldivian Democratic Party’s guest house policy launching by presidential candidate President Mohamed Nasheed was initiated at L. Gan at a – ceremony held at 4:00 pm today. The policy was then launched across 21 islands from 19 atolls and 2 cities by members of Maldivian Democratic Party’s ministerial cabinet, leadership and parliamentary group.

In his speech at the ceremony, President Nasheed stated that due to the implementation of this policy, we will double the amount of tourists entering the country within the next three years which would create more job opportunities thus improving the quality of living across the islands. He also spoke about the importance of utilizing natural resources available in the islands as means of obtaining an income.

President Nasheed spoke about the need to strengthen and expand transportation networks across Maldives by building airports with the facilities to accommodate international flights and to provide transportation from airports to nearby islands for tourists . President Nasheed also highlighted the importance of developing Hulhule’ International Airport and offered reassurance to the citizens that he would work towards building a public-private partnership in order develop the airport which was due to be completed by the end of 2013 to accommodate 5 million people. He however noted with regret that such opportunities were slim due to the actions of the current regime.

He also mentioned that the Maldivian Democratic Party would continue working tirelessly towards the development of the nation. President Nasheed also assured the citizens that his name would be on the ballot papers despite the efforts to imprison him. In his Speech President Nasheed was confident he would win the election and work towards achieving the hopes and dreams of the citizens.

After the ceremony President Mohamed Nasheed met with the guest house owners and people in related fields who were present at the ceremony to discuss the current issues they face and answer their queries regarding the policy. President Nasheed also visited the guest houses in L. Gan as part of the program.

Maldivian Democratic Party’s Guest House Policy focuses on finding business opportunities for guest house owners and people working in related fields such as diving, water sports, restaurants and cafes as means on boosting the islands economy and providing them with a direct source of income. Tourism accounts for 70% of Maldivian economy from which currently only resort owners get a direct benefit from. Implementation of this policy would allow for a greater share of the country’s economy to be spread among the population. Offering financial assistance and banking services to the guest house owners are some of the main goals of this policy.

In order to celebrate the launching of the Guest House Policy by President Mohamed Nasheed, a special ceremony would be held tonight at 9:00 at the L. Gan beach.

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