President Nasheed Completes His Tour of Laamu Atoll

President Nasheed has completed his tour of Laamu Atoll. During the three day tour, from the 6th of April to the 9th of April, he visited all the islands of the atoll.

The tour began with the launching of the Guesthouse Policy at L.Gan, paving the way for the creation of job opportunities in the islands. During his tour of the atoll, President Nasheed carried out door-to-door visits as part of the ‘Dheythin Fahethi’ campaign. These visits were an opportunity for the citizens to voice out their concerns and speak to President Nasheed. He also met with government officers and councilors in the islands and discussed the current issues faced by the islands. President Nasheed also visited the Health Centers of the islands, speaking to the employees about the condition of the facilities available. In his visit to the schools, President Nasheed spoke to parents and Parent-Teacher Association members who raised their concerns. During this tour, a lot of citizens from different islands signed up to MDP in the presence of President Nasheed.

During his tour to Laamu Atoll President Nasheed visited Gan, Gaadhoo, Mundu, Dhanbidhoo, Kalaidhoo, Isdhoo, Kunahandhoo, Maavah, Maamendhoo, Maabaidhoo, Hithadhoo and Fonadhoo.

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