President Nasheed Prevented from Travelling by Maldivian Authorities

President Nasheed was prevented from travelling to Copenhagen to deliver a speech at the invitation of the University of Copenhagen and the Danish Parliament. The Office of President Nasheed notes with deep regret that this is the fourth time the Waheed administration has stopped President Nasheed from departing on a scheduled international visit.

President Nasheed’s spokesperson, Mariya Didi stated, ‘As a former President, it deeply concerning that the Maldivian authorities continue to withhold the constitutionally stipulated privileges accorded to President Nasheed. Maldivian authorities were made aware that President Nasheed would be departing for Copenhagen on Sunday, 14 April at 1935hrs. However, they only raised issue over his lack of permission to travel before Monday, 15 April and informed the Office of President Nasheed only an hour before the scheduled departure time. President Nasheed was then given permission to leave as soon as his flight had departed.’

President Nasheed has now rescheduled his flight and will be leaving at 2340 this evening.

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