President Nasheed completes tour of Addu City and Fuvahmulah

President Nasheed completed a three day tour of Addu City and Fuvamulah

President Mohamed Nasheed first visited Gn. Fuvahmulah initiating the tour with the launching of the “Dheythin Fahethi” door to door campaign and carrying out a workshop for all the the presidential campaign team. An MDP rally was also held at the Fuvahmulah “Usfasgandu” later that night, which was telecasted nation wide. While highlighting that a coalition government with cabinet posts divided among parties is not compatible with the presidential system envisioned in the Maldivian constitution in his speech, President Nasheed mentioned that MDP would only form a coalition with the people of the Maldives.

Continuing his tour, President Nasheed then visited Addu City, where he also carried out “Dheythin Fahethi” door to door campaigns. Speaking at the national rally held at Addu City, President Nasheed stated that during the next five years, they would work towards eradicating unemployment in Addu City by creating job opportunities thereby doubling the productivity of the city in the five year term. He also mentioned an MDP government would work towards creating 3000 tourist beds in Addu City and strengthening the existing transportation network by creating facilities at the airport to accommodate international flights.

A large number of citizens from both islands signed up to MDP in the presence of President Nasheed.

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