President Nasheed Expresses Confidence in the New Inquiry Commission’s Work

President Nasheed today expressed his full confidence in the recently agreed work of the Commission of National Inquiry, which has been mandated to look into the events that lead to President Nasheed’s resignation following a military and police backed coup on 7 February.

Speaking to the press on the 100th day since unlawful transfer of power, President Nasheed said the work of the new Commission would start on 1 June and finish by end of July this year. He said the newly agreed TOR authorises the Commission to look into phone call history, bank account statements and where appropriate and based on the findings of the Commission, to send cases to be prosecuted.

Following months of public and international pressure, Dr. Waheed’s regime agreed to change the Commission’s composition and the terms of reference based on the advise of the Commonwealth Ministerial Action Group (CMAG). The Group last month said they would take serious action against the Maldives unless an impartial Commission was established.

President Nasheed also expressed his concerns over the economic situation in the Maldives. Referring to the situation he said the regime has announced budget deficit would increase by three folds and revenue is expected to decrease by Rf 2.6 bn. He said the destabilization and uncertainty have stalled many investments, reduced tourist arrivals and has reduced sales of construction and capital goods. Furthermore, he expressed concerns over the decisions to restrict use of the national health insurance scheme introduced by his administration.

President Nasheed also spoke on the importance of early elections to restore the democratic process. He said the current regime has tried to intimidate people from using their rights of freedom of assembly and freedom of expression. He said nearly 600 people have been arrested since the coup and the state is pressing charges against many. President Nasheed said people of the Maldives will no longer tolerate intimidation and fear and that people would continue to work to establish a democracy in the Maldives

  1. Mac / May 20, 2012

    Insha Allah president nasheed will back again our commander in chief.
    Keep it up Mr.President.

  2. mohamed / May 20, 2012

    hope that the government will honor the out come of the findings of the commission and will not meddle in the running of the commission. Earlier the AG Azima was saying in a news conference that the reports have been written.
    Government side should stop making statements on behalf of the commission and let them speak for the commission. It is up to the commission to review and write what they feel will be appropriate. Nasheed’s side, should check if every little happening leading to the coup is investigated.

  3. Kaalhu / May 21, 2012

    We will support our most inspirational leader. Youth will be united against Coup of the Crows/ kaalhu. The youth of this country need to be free from evil and brutal Kaalhu regime.

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