President Nasheed Launches MDP’s “Empowered Worker” Policy

President Mohamed Nasheed has launched MDP mini manifesto on the empowered worker at a ceremony held at 4:00 pm today.

“Minivan Masaikaitheriyaa” is a policy aimed at empowerment of workers. In his speech, President Nasheed stated that this policy would create more than 50,000 jobs; 34 000 of which would be created under 27 different programs, and 17,000 would be created under the skills training program “Hunaru”.

Speaking the increasing number of expatriate laborers and issues around it and speaking on incentive’s for Maldivians to work and reduce unemployment in the Maldives, President Nasheed pledged to introduce minimum of Rf.4500. He also stated the minimum wage policy will be not be applicable to the small and medium term enterprenuers and will only be applied to businesses with a turnover higher than MVR 2 million. Furthermore, the President announced under this policy, felxi-time will be introduced to encourage women’s employment.

Additionally, the policy would also focus on creating interning opportunities for students to take part in during their holidays. Likewise, career guidance facilities and youth skills programs which had come to a halt after the coup would be reinstated.

MDP’s policy on the empowered worker will ensure provision of transport between work place and their homes. It will also ensure workers have access to housing close to work place.

The policy was then launched across 21 islands from 19 atolls and 2 cities by members of Maldivian Democratic Party’s ministerial cabinet, leadership and parliamentary group.

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